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celebrate cooperate with UK client again for glow wire tester needle flame test

celebrate cooperate with UK client again for glow wire tester needle flame test 

Our UK customer bought 1 set of glow wire test chamber, needle flame tester and IEC60529 IPX3/4 Oscillating rain waterproof test chamber in Nov 2015. It's our old clients, and will cooperate with us about other test instrument in the near future.

Product details as below:

IEC60695-2-1 Glow Wire Test Equipment

Glow Wire Test Equipment is suitable for resistance to abnormal heat and fire test on lighting lamps, electronic products, etc.

It is according to IEC60695-2-1, IEC60695-2-10~IEC60695-2-13(GB/T5169.10-2006~GB/T5169.13-2006), <basic testing methods of Glow wire, basic testing methods of Glow wire device> and UL 746A, IEC829, DIN695, VDE0471, the Glow wire tester ZRS-3H is suitable for resistance to abnormal heat and fire test on lighting lamps, electronic products and household appliances. Adopting high-temperature coating spraying on steel structure and imported instrument display, with easy operation, stable performance the equipment is applicable to flame resistance tests of all levels of QC departments and corresponding enterprises.



• Heating temperature: adjustable continuously within the range of ≤500-1000°C, the accuracy of temperature is 1°C, the resolution of temperature is ±3°C
• Glowing time: 0.1~999.9s, ±0.1s(time range is adjustable)
• Burning time: 0.1~999.9s, auto record and manual pause
• Flame chilling time: 0.1~999.9s, auto record and  manual pause
• Glow wire pressure on test specimen: 1±0.2N. Limiting pressure depth is 7mm
• Glow wire: diameter is 4mm include nickel(80%) and chromium (20%) which made in specific dimensions
• Thermoelectric couple: φ0.5 armored nickel & chromium/nickel-chromium wire, K degree
• Auto break away: While reaching specified glowing time, test specimen will break away from glow wire automatically
• Working power supply: AC220V/50Hz and less than 500W
• Overall dimension: W1120mm×D520mm×H1250mm  

IEC60695 Needle Flame Tester for Material Burning Test

1.Needle Flame Tester meets IEC60695-2-2 and IEC60695-11-5
2.can measure kind of materials

According to IEC60695-2-2 and IEC60695-11-5, Needle Flame Tester is applied in the production and quality control department of lighting instrument, hypopiesis electrical apparatus, domestic appliance, machine electric appliance, electrical machine, power tool, electronic instrument, electrician instrument and technical equipment. Also, it is fit for the industry of insulation material, engineering plastics and solid combustible material.


Technical Parameters

Burner Angel

0°, 20°,45°

Flame Height


Needle burner

Height above 35mm, Stainless steel needle Φ0.9mm-Φ0.5mm

Standard Copper Block


Check time


Temperature Test

MAX1050°C ±0.1%


RS (British), Type KΦ0.5, accuracy ±0.05%

Gas variety

Butane or purity above 95%,Propane



IEC60529 IPX3/4 Oscillating rain pipe waterproof test chamber


The IPX3/4  rain pipe test device is strictly designed according to IEC60529. It’s applied to the Electrical equipment of the waterproof test of IPX3 and IPX4.


Technology Parameter

Power Supply

Single phase: AC220V, 50Hz

Swing Pipe diameter

19mm, thickness 2mm

Swing Pipe radius

R800 (304 stainless steel)

Orifice diameter


Orifice angle

IPX3: 120°;

IP4X: 180°

Pendulum Angle

IPX3: 120°(±60°);

IPX4: 360°(±180°)

Swing Pipe Speed

EPX3: 4s/time (2x120°)

IP4X: 12s/time (2x180°)

Water discharge

1-10L/min, adjustable

Test time

0-999mins, can preset

Swivel table diameter


Swivel table speed

(1-5) rpm

Tiltable Angle


Swivel table rotation angle

900°,continuous rotation

Pressure Gage



The tubes oscillate to almost 180 ° either side of vertical. The degree of oscillation can be set on the touch screen controller or one of the three pre-set values, 90 ° , 120 ° , or almost 180 ° , can be selected.


A specimen support is also included. It is supplied with two specimen bases - one perforated for IPX4 and one non-perforated for IPX3. The support is made from stainless steel and mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability and adjustment. It offers height adjustments that range from 855mm to 1300mm.  The oscillating tubes are manufactured with orifice radii of 200 mm to 1600 mm with a progressive ratio of 200 mm.

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