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IEC61032 test probe pin

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Product Name: IEC61032 test probe pin
Product Model: CX-112
Product exhibitors: Chuangxin
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IEC61032 Test Probe pin Detailed Product Description 1.IEC61032,IEC60335,IEC60529 probe pin 2.steel jointed test finger

IEC61032 test probe pin  A detailed description of
 IEC61032 Test Probe pin

1. Jointed test finger probe (Figure 2 / Test Probe B / IEC 61032)
This is a precision probe made in accordance with all IEC standards. Examples are IEC 61032, 60950, 61010 and 60601; and it is also used for Canadian and USA standards. It features a palm simulator and a restricted joint movement, which simulates the characteristics of the human hand. The finger is made of stainless steel and the rest of the instrument is Delrin®. Handle is designed to accept either a banana jack or a force gauge.
It is no longer necessary to have a separate probe for the medical safety standard. This one probe will meet all the different requirements that are in the IEC standards.  


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2. Rígid Test Finger (Figure 7 / Test Probe 11 / IEC 61032)
Rigid Test Finger is a precision probe made according to Figure 7 (Fig. 7) of the IEC 61032 (Test probe 11) and is used to simulate a human finger. It is also used by the standards of CSA, IRAM, UL.


       5                      6


3.Test Finger Nail (Figure 7 / IEC 60335-1)

 Test Finger Nail is a test device designed to simulate a human finger nail. Test Finger Nail is designed and manufactured according to Figure 7 of IEC 60335.


7 8  9



  • Material of construction: Steel.
  • Finishing treatment: Chrome plating.
  • lineal dimension: Millimeters.
  • Reference: IEC 61032.
  • Reference: IEC 60335-1.
  • Reference: IRAM 4220-1.

5.We suppley probes:


 CSA C22.2 No12 Fig.1

 EN18386 IEC60598-1 cl... 8.2.1

 IEC61032 Fig.1,

 IEC60529 Probe A

 IEC61032 Fig. 2,

 IEC950 Fig. 2A,

 UL1278 Fig. 8.4,

 IEC60335.1 cl. 3.6.3 

 IEC60335-1 cl. 20.2

 IEC60335-2-14 cl. 20.2

 IEC61032 Fig. 3,

 IEC60529 Probe  C

 IEC61032 Fig. 4,

 IEC60529 Probe D

 IEC61032 Fig. 5

 IEC61032 Fig. 6

 IEC61032 Fig. 7

 IEC61032 Fig. 8/I08A / IS: 5790-1985, cl. no. 8.101, figure no. 101

 IEC61032 Fig. 9,

 IEC60950 Fig. 2B

 IEC61032 Fig.10

 IEC61032 Fig.11

 IEC61032 Fig.12

 IEC61032 Fig.13

 IEC61032 Fig.14

 IEC61032 Fig.15

 IEC61032 Fig.16,

 IEC60335.1 cl. 8.1.3

 IEC61032 Fig. 17

 IEC60065 Fig. 4

 IEC60065 Fig. 8

 IEC60884 Fig. 9

 IEC60884 Fig. 10

 IEC60335 Fig. 7 

 IEC60950 Fig. 2C,

 IEC60065 Fig. 6, UL1310

 IEC60335-2-24 cl. 21.102

 IEC60335-2-24 Fig. 102

 IEC60065 cl. 9.1.3

 IEC60335-2-25 cl. 22.105

 IEC60598-2-20 cl. 22.11.2

 UL1278 Fig. 8.3,

 UL982 Fig 7.1,

 UL507 Fig 9.2

 UL1278 Fig 8.1(PA130A),

 UL507 Fig 9.1(PA135A)

 UL1278 Fig 8.2(PA140A),

 UL398 Fig 8.2(PA170B)

 UL1278 Fi 9.1(PA160),

 UL982 Fig7.1,

 UL507 Fig 9.2(PA160B)

 UL1278 Fig  10.1

 UL1278 Fig 10.2

 UL1278 fig 10.3

 UL1278 Fig 10.4

 UL982 Fig 58.2

 UL507 Fig 8.2(S2140)

 UL1310 Fig 16.4(S3252)

 UL499 Fig 6.4

 UL60950 Fig  NAF.2 e  NAF.3

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