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1HZ~100MHZ crystal oscillator tester

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Product Name: 1HZ~100MHZ crystal oscillator tester
Product Model: CX-118A
Product exhibitors: Chuangxin
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1HZ~100MHZ crystal oscillator tester High accuracy and easy to use

1HZ~100MHZ crystal oscillator tester  A detailed description of

1HZ~100MHZ crystal oscillator tester

Main features

1 It's using reciprocal counting technique, high accuracy, wide measuring range, truly equal precision measurement, fast speed measurement,high sensitivity.
2 single-chip microprocessor technology cycle frequency measurement and intelligent management, making the instrument has high reliability and excellent performance / price ratio.

3 It's using LSI design, the use of CPLD devices, instrument components greatly reduced, reliability has been greatly improved, the average time between failures ≥10000h.
The machine looks nice, small size, light weight, easy to use.

Measuring range
Frequency Measurement: A Channel:1Hz ~ 100MHz;
B channel: 100MHz ~ 1.6GHz (optional)
Period Measurement: A Channel: 10ns ~ 1s
PPM measurement: -9999 ~ 9999ppm
Upper and lower limit measurement: according to the parameters set by the user of upper limit FU, lower limit FL parameters to measure the measured frequency whether exceeds the lower limit and upper limit value. if exceed, it will be alarm.

Binning measurement: according to the center frequency F0 set by the user, automatically binned measurements.

Binning value: Pr1 ~ Pr8 can be set between 1 ~ 999ppm
quantity of Binning: according to center frequency F0 is divided into 16 stalls around the midpoint

Cumulative count: Counting Capacity: 0 ~ 109-1 (optional)
Counting mode: Keying, gating or external gating for optional

Input characteristics
Input impedance: A Channel: 1MΩ // 40pF
B Channel: 50Ω

Input Coupling: AC
adaptive waveform: sine, pulse wave
 Input voltage dynamic range:
A Channel: 30mVrms ~ 250Vp ~ p
B channel: 30mVrms ~ 1Vrms

A channel low-pass filter: -3dB bandwidth approximately is 100kHz

A Channel Attenuation: × 1 or × 20

Measurement error
The frequency or period measurement error: ± time base error ± trigger error ± LSD 100ns
When: LSD = _× measured frequency (or test period)

Gate time

Trigger error: When the measured signal to noise is 40dB, the trigger error is ≤0.3%
PPM measurement error: ± time base error ± trigger error ± LSD
When: LSD = (100ns / gate time) ×106ppm
For example: When the gate time = 1s
, LSD = 0.1ppm
           When the gate time = 0.1s
, LSD = 1ppm
counting error: ± 1

gate time
Fixed gate: 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 10s four types optional
Adjustable Gate: 50ms ~ 95ms in 10 files, each file interval of 5ms.

Crystal Oscillator
Nominal frequency: 10MHz
Frequency stability: 5 × 10-6 / d
(According to user needs, you can match higher crystal)
Such as: 1 × 10-6 / d, 5 × 10-7 / d, 1 × 10-7/ d, etc.).
FSB standard input
Input frequency: 10MHz
Input amplitude:> 1Vp ~ p sine wave

13 digits 0.4-inch bright LED green, three units of LED
Indicator light (MHz, kHz, Hz), GATE indicator, EXT indicator and PPM indicator

Voltage: AC 220V ± 10%
Frequency: 50Hz ± 5%
Power consumption: <8VA
Dimensions: 230 × 250 × 90 (mm)

Weight: <1.5kg
Crystal test kit (crystal measuring matcher) Optional:
1Hz-20MHz (comes with machine)
20MHz-40MHz (sold separately),
40MHz-65MHz (sold separately);
65MHz-100MHz (sold separately).

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